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They say everyone has a novel inside them - Not From Concentrate believes that everyone has a TV show idea inside them.

By using a combination of online resources and real-time mentoring, a housewife in Hull with a cracking quiz show or a bus driver from Bootle with the next big reality TV series can take their ideas to the next level.

Rising Damp began as a play called The Banana Box, written by an auditor for the East Midlands Electricity Board...

Not From Concentrate is a truly multiplatform and personable resource that aims to reach individuals - members of the public - who have innovative and exciting ideas for media formats, yet face a number of barriers to entry when trying to refine or realise the full potential of their ideas.

Media critics and the public alike often bemoan the fact that TV - and media in general - lacks innovation and imagination and instead offers wave upon wave of rehashed, repurposed formats and bland, 'safe' content. Comedy shows that aren't that funny, dramas that aren't dramatic and entertainment shows that don't entertain.

We love TV here at Not From Concentrate and share the commonly-held belief that TV in the UK is the best in the world, with its fantastic mix of public service and commercial broadcasters offering an incredible range of quality programmes, from comedy to quiz shows and dramas to documentaries.

We just think that TV schedules here - and world-wide - could be even better if we apply another dimension to our exciting media industry: a dimension we're calling TV By Me™.

Not From Concentrate offers an innovative and coherent blueprint from which to hone and properly structure an initial idea and then gives individuals the chance to interact with media production and development professionals to, in the first instance, manage their expectations of this highly competitive marketplace and secondly, help refine the ideas into marketable, pitchable treatments.

Sound interesting? Click here if you've got some great ideas or here if you're in the tv industry and looking for a tv job and looking for ideas.


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