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In the main, there are two basic strands for the business of Not From Concentrate, namely,

– to look for and work with any people who have ideas for TV programmes and help them develop their sparks of creativity into commercially viable content formats that can find a home somewhere in the multiplatform landscape.

– to act as an outsourced development team for UK and international broadcasters, content publishers and independent production companies, who will employ Not From Concentrate to run and manage solicits for industry-led briefs, filter and refine any submissions and deliver a selection of high quality results for further development.

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Unique Ideas & Talent Management

For the first strand, the quality of the ideas must remain the focus. An indvidual's age, race, gender, political or religious beliefs are irrelevant. Kind of. (We’re not that keen in helping develop a sitcom for the BNP for example, although Three Pints of Vitriol and a Packet of Bigotry does have a certain ring to it.)

In our experience, ideas and creativity can come from anywhere – you don't need a media degree to have an imagination. We've heard so often about ideas for TV sitcoms or documentaries that come from a random conversation in the pub, on the bus to work, or whilst just hanging out with the kids.

But having an idea is the easy part. Refining that germ of an idea into a commercially viable piece of content for TV or elsewhere is the tricky part. So the people we work with must not be precious, they must be open to collaboration – the sharing of ideas and knowledge – and want to understand more about the business of ‘The Business’, its intricacies, realities and shortcomings just as much as its opportunities.

This is why we've created the Not From Concentrate Starter Pack which not only explains how this exciting – but often frustrating – industry works but also provides you with an IDEAS DEVELOPMENT CHECKLIST to help turn your seed of an idea into something more structured and credible for the organisations who are crying out for the Next Big Thing.

Oh, and one final point – this is not about fame-chasers and wannabes. If you’re under any illusion that this is a route into D-list Slebsville, then turn around now and keep walking.

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Publishers, Broadcasters & Content Producers

As for the second group, then it’s pretty simple. If you’re in the business of publishing, broadcasting or producing content on any platform, traditional or new, then Not From Concentrate is here to help you find new voices.

So that’s a pretty large pool then. Contenders thrashing around in there are the broadcasters, obviously, indies (from super-indies to start-ups), consumer brands and their media/advertising agencies, plus public sector bodies or charities with campaigns to convey.

Whatever you want, simply set a brief and the Not From Concentrate machine will fire into action, eliciting ideas from our large and growing creative community, then filter and refine their submissions and deliver them direct to your door, saving you precious time, energy and, highly probably, money.

*Adopts the brace position for a chorus of derision*

“But why we would want to use you when we’ve got in-house development teams?” Because, in this fragmented media landscape with increasingly niche audiences, divining diverse groups of innovative ideas people will bring fresh blood to boardroom brainstorms. Seriously.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Give us a go and put us to the test. We’re open for business.


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TV Ideas Starter Pack

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