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Contributors Wanted For Our TV Shows In Development

Looking For Contributors

In our quest to develop new and exciting TV shows and to showcase new on- and off-screen talent, we have a growing number of ideas in development.

From time to time we'll be looking for willing contributors / case studies to incorporate into treatments of Factual / Reality shows ahead of pitching the ideas to commissioners.

Equally, we might be looking for groups of people to attend and take part as contestants in filmed run-throughs of game/quiz shows or simply attend test screenings.

If you think you're the kind of person we're looking for in any of these various requests / activities and/or would be genuinely interested in taking part once the show is commissioned, then please do drop us a line, or pass on to anyone who you think might want to get involved.

Many thanks.


Are you stuck in a rut, peed off, washed-out, depressed, frustrated with your lot and generally feeling totally crap about your life?

Do weaknesses in your character, your personal fears or phobias make you feel alienated from your friends or family or stop you from living a fulfilled and happy life?

We're looking for suitable candidates to feature in a brand-new TV show fronted by a kick-ass life coach whose unique three-point programme can help turn your life around and banish your demons for good.

This is no namby-pamby, drop-a-dress-size, touchy-feely kind of show though, no siree...

This is hardcore stuff, where you will be subjected to rigorous physical exercise regimes, some serious soul-searching, uncomfortable truths and challenges that will stretch your mind, body and spirit to the max.

As such, any participants will need to have a semi-decent level of general fitness, no heart problems, not be on any medication and, most importantly, a strong, desperate "I've reached the end of the road" resolve to confront your issues head on.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, drop us an email with 'FML' in the subject line to with details of your name, age, where you live, what it is that's making you feel so crap, how long you've felt like this, how you've tried to overcome it in the past and the effect it's having on your life.

Keep it simple, keep it to the point and please attach a recent photograph of yourself and/or provide a link to any social media accounts you may have - Twitter, Facebook etc.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.



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