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Sat, Apr 11, 2009

Not From Concentrate

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Since it’s Easter and the world has shut down for a few days of excess chocolate consumption, thought this might be an opportune moment to share some snippets of what’s currently on the Not From Concentrate ‘slate’.

Building up momentum and fattening up my contact book is ongoing of course but in parallel with building a robust business model, I’ve been working with a number of talented folk and their ideas, refining initial concepts into pitchable formats with which to take to market in the near future. All this work is being done on a pro bono basis – that’s to say without payment, rather than in honour of the portly U2 front man – but with some karmic cashback coming this way a bit further down the line.

Interior Design

Interior design seems to be in keeping with the current zeitgeist of a house being a home – a lifestyle choice rather than a cashcow, something that’s always been close to my heart – and I’m working with a pint-sized expert in this field on an irreverent yet entertaining format aimed at young men – and, by default, young women.

Product Design Meets TV

Continuing the design theme, I’ve also been brainstorming with an established product designer and darling of high street retailers, who’s looking to do for the world of British craft – making stuff – what Mr Oliver et al have done for the the British food industry. Tougher nut to crack this one – whether to go down a factual documentary-style route or more entertainment-led – but I think it definitely has legs, unwittingly aided and abetted by Kirstie Allsopp flying solo on her upcoming C4 show.

Radio Comedy

Comedy, as always, is high on the Not From Concentrate agenda. Notoriously difficult to get away, dominated by men, but still in great demand, especially in the wake of the waning appeal of BBC Three’s wunderkinds – that’s kinds – Horne and Corden. Amongst the pile of potentials is a brilliant series of comedy short stories written for the radio by an up-and-coming stand-up. Given that Auntie dominates the airwaves – certainly in terms of commissioned comedy and drama – I’m looking forward to exploring [the new] Broadcasting House and punting this particular idea to the top brass at the BBC.


Drama continues to be a major draw and driver of the new writing talent out there – in fact, it’s the most popular genre in the recent back-of-a-fag-packet user survey – and one that’s throwing up some fantastic ideas, including one set on the London Underground that could work well on many, er, platforms.

Kids TV

Children’s TV is also proving popular – hopefully the Kids’ Stuff post has got the creative juices flowing – with a new idea for a music show dropping in to my Inbox recently and my 13-year-old niece has also got an idea she wants to talk to me about at some point – presumably on MSN. LOL!

Add to the mix a quiz show format that has massive potential but needs a blank wall and a pile of Post-Its to keep simplicity at its heart, a possible major magazine production gig and the prospect of working with the guys behind this awesome ad, the next few weeks and months are going to be some of the most productive and exciting times so far.

Watch this space.


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