French Miss[ing]

Thu, May 28, 2009

TV & Media Industry

arc de triomphe

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Just back from a couple of weeks on the continent – a three country jaunt to France, Spain and Italy – and absorbed as much media as possible in various houses, hotel rooms and hire cars.

Spent most of my time in France and, as much as I love the country, there’s no way on this earth I could ever consider a permanent move across la Manche without a UK satellite receiver in my hand luggage. I’m not sure of the legalities of such an export, but am damn certain it’s an absolute necessity.

Even taking into account my pisspoor parlez-vous-ing, I have no idea how anyone can stomach the frankly distressing lack of truly engaging content.

French Media Sucks

Radio is dominated by heavily-commercialised Euro-Pop stations littered with obscene numbers of ad-breaks and banal bantering by drivetime DJs and their posses.

TV – or at least terrestrial / free TV – carries badly-dubbed and dated American drama series [what’s wrong with subtitles, guys?], drab homegrown soaps and overlit studio shows: either gameshows [with hottie hosties, it has to be said] complete with whooping audience or ‘serious’ topical discussion shows, with less whoopy members of the public.

These discussion shows – which go on for h o u r s – follow a strictly-adhered-to formula. Normally hosted by an improbably good-looking chairperson, the panel of ‘experts’ are made up of middle-aged silver-haired foxes with permatans who you just know have a number of mistresses hanging out in the green room, a slightly Mutton Dressed As Lamb woman with a wide-angle cleavage and a token ‘crazy/hilarious’ guy with the obligatory bonkers spectacles and a decidedly iffy dress sense.

Considering the country’s predilection for culture and the Arts, plus the fact that France plays host to MIPcom every year, I just wonder where the commissioning and acquistion execs from TF1, FR2, M6 and arte disappear to during the buying rounds.

Oh well, one for the international To-Do list methinks. But if you are heading for La Belle France, do think about taking a FreeSat box across. And a pack or two of proper back bacon whilst you’re at it.

Vive le cliché!


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2 Responses to “French Miss[ing]”

  1. Ben says:

    Have a look at “The secret life of France.” by Lucy Wadham, interesting view on the role in French media in the national consciousness.

  2. Fly says:

    It is true the uk tv is so much better, content driven my celebrities make tv so much more intelligent:)

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