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For the past few months we’ve been filling ourselves – not literally in the New York diner featured above, but figuratively-speaking – and our Development Portfolio with some bloody Good Stuff. (Although a US outpost of Not From Concentrate is obviously still on our wish-list.)


The Development Portfolio is crammed with top-line, two- and three-paragraph snapshots of the TV ideas and media  and tv formats that have come our way since we launched just 12 months ago.

It serves up large portions of creativity, lovingly prepared by us in collaboration with you, the new ideas generation, which, incidentally, has no boundaries. Some examples of what broadcasters and publishers of content have been sampling over the past few weeks include:

    * A quiz show created by a young female writer in Ireland;
    * A complimentary medicine show, the brainchild of a creative collective with roots in the US and Up North London;
    * A new business show idea, created by recently redundant van driver and baker by trade, in his early fifties;
    * A new makeover show that combines cutting-edge design with real-life traumas, from a self-employed and successful interior designer;
    * A male-orientated multimedia format featuring comedy and animation, brought to life by a group of sound-tech students;
    * A dating show for the recently dumped;
    * A cricketing sit-com, devised by a fan of leather on willow based in Australia (who had his – and our first – media consultation via Skype);
    * A gritty documentary about an east London housing estate, already researched by a 21-year-old passionate about social engagement;
    * An anti-X Factor sitcom with shades of a latter-day Young Ones, being penned by two aspiring writers from West Sussex;
    * An action-packed cookery programme for kids, developed by a single mum in her back garden;
    * A shiny-floor entertainment and quiz show with huge studio audience engagement, created by a dad who fits out supermarkets;
    * A US-style mega drama / black comedy series / feature set in the near-future, devised by a young trainee GP from the West Midlands.


Make no bones about it, it’s very tough in media marketplace at the moment but we’re mining and combining our networks and getting the Development Portfolio under the noses of commissioning editors, heads of development at production companies and big cheeses in advertising agencies.

And as we move into the New Year, we’ve got plenty of plans for industry-changing approaches to funding – and showcasing – pilots of some, if not all, of these and future ideas and bring forward our ambition to set up our very own production facility to make the sell less difficult and bring new talent and your ideas to the top of the heap.

In the meantime, keep your creativity on the boil and next time you think you’ve come up with a recipe for success, do let us know – we want more of your ideas on the menu.

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