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As you might expect, we're excited and pretty chuffed with the whole Not From Concentrate model and - whilst we're not into blowing our own trumpets - we would like to share some of the feedback we've already received so early on in the evolution of the business.

So, in their words, not ours, see what a selection of satisfied Not From Concentraters are saying, below:

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Exciting and Democratic

"Not From Concentrate's counsel on both what nature my idea should take - an eco-sci-fi drama set 20-30 years in the future - and what types of funding for production might be available were on target and helped give me more focus to this project.

"Whilst initially thinking that it should take form of a TV programme, Not From Concentrate offered the alternative view that the themes and concepts being explored might be better suited to online in the first instance, and, potentially, a feature-length film offering in the future.

"They also pointed out the value of the educational aspect of the idea - which aims to show people what may happen with climate change, in a fictional environment - which may open this to investment from a wide variety of sources, including the 4IP fund, The Wellcome Trust and others from the commercial sector.

"With this valued counsel, I'm now putting more focus to this idea, with a better picture of what potential it has and what platforms it might be best suited to. The mentoring approach, willingness to listen, and openness towards hearing ideas from non-traditional sources makes Not From Concentrate a creative player in the entertainment industry that will offer originality that the British public has not yet had the opportunity to witness.

"Often, getting an audience with insider entertainment producers is reserved only for a select few, but the Not From Concentrate's approach is throwing open the closed doors and letting in light from the ideas of people who would usually be overlooked.

"This is a much more exciting and democratic way to potentially produce great quality entertainment and content that millions will want to watch and engage with."

LD, 32, London

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Exceeding Expectations

"Having heard of Not from Concentrate from a friend, my experience of the scheme has far exceeded my initial expectations. The communication between the team and I has been both quick and efficient, which made the process all the more exciting, enjoyable and effective.

"The TV ideas consultation was tailored to my needs, with the chosen media professional having a background applicable to my idea. Their feedback was direct and honest and very helpful.

"The Not from Concentrate team has presented me with an amazing opportunity to access expert advice and TV industry insight to help tailor my idea and continue to pursue my dream of seeing my project through to fruition."

HS, 23, Birmingham

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Breaking it down

"Long ago, I came up with an idea to make a TV show about the working class of this nation and how they feel they've been mistreated within society. I based most characters and stories on real life events that I witnessed whilst growing up. I knew the TV industry is a closed shop - it's all about who you know rather than what you know - which is sad, but true, so you must guess how I felt when I heard about Not From Concentrate.

"After buying a TV Starter Pack with my friend, I contacted them and they got my idea very quickly during the Media Professional session I booked. They broke everything down for me, we discussed the various media and genre options that might work best for my idea and from the session I gained the confidence to go forward and develop the idea further, with their help and contacts.

"If, like me, you're passionate about TV, want an insight into how the industry works and how you can push your idea forward, then Not From Concentrate should be the first people on your list. They are professional, friendly, honest and they actually care about your idea as much as you do."

AI, 21, Ilford

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Arming with information

"For five years I have been struggling to get my ideas off the ground without any real success at all - until I contacted Not From Concentrate and now it feels like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

"I wanted to get some big talent interested in my idea and because I did not have enough knowledge of the industry this nearly didn't happen. This is where I found the TV Starter Pack to be invaluable and a "must have" for all those interested in venturing into the world of television development.

"The talent that I approached said that my idea was really interesting but unfortunately it was not for them. So I read through the Starter Pack and found the most important piece of information that I needed. Now armed with information on 360-degree commissioning I managed to turn this around and get them on board - brilliant!

"I can't thank you enough James for all the help and support that you have given me already. I very much look forward to working with you and the team on all of my project ideas in the future. And I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Not From Concentrate to anyone who has ideas for television."

JW, 51, Seaford, East Sussex


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