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So, you've bought our lovely TV Ideas Starter Pack, you've gone through our IDEAS DEVELOPMENT CHECKLIST and that cracking idea that you, alone or with a group of friends, came up with, for a new reality TV series, sitcom or documentary that could be a sure-fire ratings winner - something that you would love to watch - seems to tick all the right boxes. What now?

Well, we've got a growing team of TV production and development experts on board just waiting to offer their advice and expertise to help you take the idea further.

Think of them as you would think of employing a golf pro or a tennis coach, on hand to help shape your idea into a professionally-structured proposal that can be taken to the media marketplace and giving you the benefit of their years of experience and vast knowledge of this exciting industry.

Simply book a session with our media professionals for a personalised one-to-one review and walk-through of your idea - either by phone, email, IM or, where geography dictates, face-to-face - during which time they'll give you the benefit of their TV production expertise, feedback on all areas of your TV proposal, details of possible opportunities available for your idea and other valuable advice on how best to take things forward.

You'll also receive a comprehensive written summary of the session which you can use as a working document for your idea and any future ideas.

Sessions with our media professionals cost just £115 for those people who have bought a TV Ideas Starter Pack and gone through the IDEAS DEVELOPMENT CHECKLIST and £145 for anyone who wants to talk about an idea in a less structured form.

[In case you're wondering, please note that all of our experts are required to sign NDAs - Non Disclosure Agreements - before taking any sessions.]

If you're ready to come and speak to us about your idea, drop us an email with your full contact details and we'll get right back to you.

Between them, our team of professionals - our Database of Excellence - have wide-ranging backgrounds across the whole TV industry including: development; executive and series production; research; short film production; script editing; web and mobile content production; animation; radio production; directing; writing for TV and film; game production; theatre production.

They've worked across every genre of programming, including: comedy; drama; entertainment; documentary; features; youth and music; lifestyle; news and current affairs; the Arts; culture; specialist factual; history; sports; children's.

Their broadcast credits span a huge range of UK and international broadcasters, including: BBC1, BBC2, BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV, Channel 4, E4, Five, Fiver, Dave, MTV, Watch, RTE, Arte, TF1, Al Jazeera, Canal+ and TVE.

They've worked on shows such as: Supernanny, Wife Swap, The One Show, Time Team, Oz & James's Big Wine Adventure, Richard & Judy, Celebrity Big Brother, Young Mum's Mansion, Car Booty, Brass Eye, Piers Morgan's Dark Side of Fame, The Law of The Playground and Martin Chuzzlewit.

And they've been employed by some of the most successful independent production companies, including: Tiger Aspect, RDF, Granada, Lion, Eyeworks, Ricochet, Maverick, Avalon, Objective, Love Productions, Optomen and Endemol.

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