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TV Ideas Starter Pack

Not From Concentrate TV ideas development starter pack

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We're in the business of working with great people and helping them turn their "back of a fag packet" ideas for TV shows into coherent and structured templates that can then be taken directly to our network of independent production companies, broadcasters and content publishers.

To start the ball rolling, we've produced the Not From Concentrate Starter Pack, available to buy now for just £9.99 [+p&p].

[Discounts are available on bulk orders - contact us for more details.]

Our comprehensive TV Ideas Starter Pack includes:

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- helping you to structure your ideas like the professionals

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our guide to the TV BASICS

- putting telly jargon into plain English

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our overview of the COMMISSIONING & PRODUCTION world

- explaining how the industry works

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- introducing some of the people and ideas we've already been working with

Containing over 6,500 words on 44 pages and printed on high-quality, robust gloss and matte paper stock, we've designed the Pack to be a handy and practical 'carry-about' publication that can be stowed in a [big] pocket or bag and used as both a reference guide AND a 'work-in-progress' document - enabling you to jot down notes whilst on the move or whenever TV show ideas come to you.

Written in an accessible style and relevant to complete beginners and those with more knowledge of the TV industry, as the name suggests, this is your starting point for turning germs of ideas into more structured proposals.

Order your TV Ideas Starter Pack now and we'll mail it direct to your doormat.

By absorbing the information contained in our TV Ideas Starter Pack and working through the IDEAS DEVELOPMENT CHECKLIST, you'll then be able to assess whether your idea has the potential to be taken to the next level, where you'll have the chance to employ the services of Not From Concentrate's team of TV development and production professionals.

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